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I 台北 Taipei



The History of UKIYO-E

2019年我为台湾积家表策划了一项以「艺享圣诞VIP微绘派对」为主题的实体活动,其中内涵为结合艺术界和精品界的高端客群,为VIP订制专属 活动内容。此活动主要包含展览现场的专属活动区块链布置,微绘课程及圣诞表演节目安排,展览独家导览。除策划此项目外也包含所有的预算分配。

In 2019, I planned an event for Taiwan Jaeger‑LeCoultre with the theme of "Christmas VIP Micro-Painting Party". which aims to combine high-end guests from the art and boutique worlds to tailor exclusive event content for VIP. This event mainly includes the exclusive event area layout of the exhibition site, micro-painting courses and Christmas show program arrangements, the exhibition exclusive guide.  In addition to planning this project, it also includes all budget allocations.



2018年我为台湾TutorABC策划了一项以「设计、童趣、想像」为主题的实体活动,其中内涵为多元化品牌形象,并与年轻族群做结合。此计画主要包含展览现场的专属互动游戏--Hayon魔法英文地图以及于TutorABC场馆内举办的Jaime Hayon线上直播受访+设计大师讲座。除了策划此项目外也包含所有的预算分配。

In 2018, I planned a event for TutorABC in Taiwan on the theme of "Design, Childishness, Imagination", which aims to diversify the brand image and integrate with the younger community. This project mainly includes the exclusive interactive game at the exhibition site-Hayon Magic English Map and Jaime Hayon's online live interview + design master lecture held in the TutorABC venue. In addition to planning this project, it also includes all budget allocations.

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从古典到现代 1950-1983 张大千的艺术

Silhouette of a Great Master—A Retrospective of Zhang Daqian's Art:Traditional 


In 2018, I planned a "Chinese Painting Art Achievement Project" for the Powerchip Cultural Foundation. The connotation is to bring art to rural schools and cooperate with schools to deepen it to family education. This plan is mainly divided into three stages: development plan, solicitation plan and achievement plan. In addition to planning this project, it also includes all budget allocation.


View Above Mountains--Chi Po-lin 

2019年我为台湾富邦金控与看见.齐柏林基金会策划了一项以推广「齐柏林空间」为主要目的的活动,其中内涵为沿续齐柏林的人文精神,培养下一个齐柏林。此活动主要包含齐柏林草皮市集和户外电影院、校园摄影美学深耕、富邦Lucky Pay消费计画等。除策划此项目外也包含所有的预算分配。

In 2019, I planned an event for Taiwan Fubon Financial Holding and the Chi Po-lin Foundation with the main purpose of promoting the "Chi Po-lin Space". Which aims to develop the next Chi Po-lin following the humanistic spirit of Chi Po-lin. This activity mainly includes Chi Po-lin Sod Market and outdoor cinema, deep cultivation of campus photography aesthetics, Fubon "Lucky Pay" consumption planing, etc. In addition to planning this project, it also includes all budget allocations.


I 上海 Shanghai



Phases:Zhiming Zheng solo exhibition

2019年我为上海IINNOO Gallery策划了一中国当代艺术家个展「如相:郑志明个展」,其中我负责展览策划、展览导言撰写(文章详见本网站的"部落格")、制作艺术家采访影片、布展卸展及媒体联系。

In 2019, I curated a solo exhibition of Chinese contemporary artists "Phases:Zhiming Zheng solo exhibition" for Shanghai IINNOO Gallery. Among them, I was responsible for exhibition planning, preparation of the preface of exhibition(see the "Blog" on this website),produced the artist interview video,exhibition arrangement and media contact.

林景秋 - 寻根者

Autumn Lyn - The Seekers Project

2019年我参与了华裔美国当代艺术家林景秋的iphone摄影项目「寻根者」,协同搜集所有的采访及文字资料以及编辑摄影书籍。 2020年该作品于ArtCN画廊展出,我为展览撰写介绍文章(文章详见本网站的"部落格")。

In 2019, I participated in an iphone photography project "The Seeker" by the Chinese-American contemporary artist Autumn Lyn, and collaboratively collected all interviews and textual materials and edited photography book. The work was exhibited at artCN gallery in 2020 and I wrote an introductory article for the exhibition (see the "Blog" on this website).



Treasures of the Digital Age: Cross-Strait Vinyl Culture Talk


In 2019, I planned "The Treasures of the Digital Age: Cross-Strait Vinyl Culture Talk" for the first "Tank Art Festival" of TANK Shanghai. Including execution,coordination and schedule.

I 韩国 Korea



2016年我和台湾、韩国团队一起创建了跨境电商平台MEIBE KOREA (https://meibe.kr/),当时我负责整个市场的营销,同年我们推出了品牌美妆盒。从2016开站至2019年,Facebook官方粉丝数到达5万,粉丝黏着度为38% Instagram上的粉丝数为12.1万,该帖上的平均“赞”数为150个。 Youtube上的订阅者人数是16百人,在我们的频道上我制作了17个视频(从化妆、拍摄到影片编辑)。网站在当时的总会员人数为3万左右,每分钟有28人同时在线浏览,每月新鲜会员比例为42%。

In 2016, I co-founded MEIBE KOREA (https://meibe.kr/), a cross-border store platform, with teams from Taiwan and South Korea, and I was in charge of the marketing of the whole market. In the same year we launched the brand beauty box. From it was launched in 2016 to 2019, the number of Facebook's official fans reached 50,000, with a stickiness rate of 38%. There were 121,000 followers on Instagram, with an average of 150 likes on the post. YouTube had 1,600 subscribers, and I've produced 17 videos (from makeup to shooting to film editing) on our channel. At the time, the site had a total membership of about 30,000 people, with 28 people visiting the site at the same time every minute and 42% of new members each month. 


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